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Take the first step towards recovery at California’s premier rehab facility. We are dedicated to transforming the lives of those battling mental health and substance abuse issues.


Whether you’re personally struggling or supporting a loved one, our rehab center is here for you. Reach out through our confidential helpline to start the journey to recovery.


Our admissions team will assist you in confirming your insurance coverage, working with your provider to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.


Access same-day admissions and round-the-clock support. Begin your recovery journey now.

Addiction Treatment Center



Intensive Outpatient

Step down safely and comfortably with our program, an essential part of your recovery journey.

Partial Hospitalization

Customize your treatment around your schedule. Attend therapy sessions and group meetings conveniently at our facility.

Online Outpatient

Begin your recovery journey from home with our Online Outpatient Program. Experience expert care through virtual therapy sessions for added comfort and privacy.

Dual Diagnosis

Address the complex interplay between mental health and substance use disorders with our specialized approach, providing comprehensive care for both.


At Solace Addiction Treatment Center, our dedicated team of therapists and clinicians collaborates to provide tailored solutions for each client’s individual needs. We prioritize addressing the underlying causes of addiction and mental illness while effectively managing symptoms.

Participants benefit from treatment overseen by experienced psychiatrists. Our programs often include a combination of medication management, evidence-based counseling techniques, group and individual therapy sessions, recreational outings, physical exercise, holistic approaches, and nutritional support. Experience personalized care and holistic healing at Solace Treatment Center.


J. Alcazar
J. Alcazar
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My experience with Solace Treatment Center has been phenomenal. I had my initial thoughts and concerns about seeking treatment, but once I decided to take care of my mental health, there has never been a better decision that I have made than getting treatment here at Solace. My life before treatment was filled with bad thoughts, anxiety, and severe depression. So making this decision changed my life. The staff, the therapists, and the groups are amazing. I felt super comfortable and got it well for being my first time in treatment. Definitely recommend.
A. De La Torre
A. De La Torre
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I've had a couple of treatment facilities over the past years, found Solace Treatment Center and never looked back! Everyone here is so polite, professional and friendly. My therapist CELIA AGRAS AMFT is easily the best therapist i have ever had. She listens to me and explains everything in depth, answers any questions you have and has no problem helping you understand a solution or answer. The entire clinical TEAM is very PROFESSIONAL, RESPECTFUL and goes ABOVE and BEYOND ( DIEGO ) to meet your needs. Its been an ENJOYABLE experience. Thank you Solace.
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I just want to give a big thank you to Solace Treatment Center. My son was addicted to Alcohol and Cocaine for many years. He went to their PHP program and successfully completed it. He is still sober and going on 18 months now. Thank you Solace for bringing my son back to me. I’m very thankful for the Staff and every single person that is apart of his recovery.
T. Kruz
T. Kruz
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Solace treatment center changed my life for the better. I had a long history of abusing alcohol, marijuana, and psychedelics. I was even burdened with issues of anxiety, poor stress management and other mental health issues. Through the program at Solace I was able to work through my mental health problems which were the root cause of my substance abuse. I fought through took time to recover and improve myself and I’m all the better for it and am thankful to all the great people at Solace. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to change your life and be free from addiction
Sylesia M
Sylesia M
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I graduated from Solace Treatment Center last week and I am so thankful for all the help I received from the program and the staff members. I was going down a dark path with my mental health and alcohol addiction. I want thank Elisea for helping me get established and assisting me throughout the program. I enjoyed the community of those who helped me along on my journey. I am grateful that I can now be a better wife and mother to my family and I can go back to work healthy and happy.