Beacon Health Options Outpatient Treatment

Beacon Health Options was established in 2014 through the merger of Beacon Health Strategies and ValueOptions. As the largest privately-held company of its kind in the United States, Beacon Health Options currently serves 50 million customers. With a client base of over 350 organizations, including 41 Fortune 500 companies, the company also maintains partnerships with more than 100 external health plans.

Distinguishing itself from typical insurance providers, Beacon Health Options specializes in the management of behavioral health and substance abuse disorders. This expertise enables the company to comprehend the unique requirements of such care. Numerous other health insurance providers collaborate with Beacon Health Options to offer behavioral health and substance abuse treatment. To discover drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers covered by Beacon Health Options insurance, please click here to explore treatment facility options in your vicinity or surrounding areas.

Beacon Health Options Addiction Resources

Beacon Health Options has established a dedicated team of clinical staff available round the clock, every day of the year, to address inquiries from both members and providers. The company has developed a robust support network of medical professionals and implemented recovery-focused programs and strategic partnerships. Additionally, Beacon Health Options leads the Stamp Out Stigma program, which aims to eradicate the negative perceptions surrounding mental illness and substance abuse. All decisions made by the company are guided by their comprehensive level of care criteria.

Beacon Health Options Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse

Beacon Health Options offers a wide range of plans with varying coverage for different medical needs. Substance abuse treatment is included in the majority of their plans, and some plans primarily or exclusively focus on this type of coverage. It’s important to note that since many Beacon Health Options plans are offered in collaboration with other health insurance providers, the coverage available to customers may be influenced by the policies of the partnering provider. For a comprehensive understanding of the coverage provided by Beacon Health Options for treatment services, it is recommended to contact a treatment provider for a confidential and complimentary discussion.

Beacon Health Options Covers For Outpatient Treatment

Beacon Health Options provides coverage for outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment refers to receiving medical or therapeutic services while living at home or in a non-residential setting. It allows individuals to receive treatment while maintaining their daily routines and responsibilities. Beacon Health Options recognizes the importance of outpatient care and includes it as part of their coverage options. However, the specific details of coverage may vary depending on the plan and the individual’s policy. It is advisable to review the policy documents or contact Beacon Health Options directly to understand the extent of outpatient treatment coverage provided.

How Can I Get Started?

To discuss outpatient treatment options covered by Beacon Health Options insurance in Los Angeles, California, please contact us for a complimentary verification of benefits. It’s helpful to have the insurance card and any relevant information readily available to expedite the process.