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Who We Are & What We Offer

Solace Treatment Center in Los Angeles stands as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with mental health and addiction challenges. Our center is dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized care to each person who walks through our doors. If you know someone in need of support, referring them to Solace could be the first step towards their recovery and healing.

Refer a Friend to Solace


At Solace, we believe in the power of healing and transformation. Our mission is to offer a supportive environment where individuals can find solace and strength to overcome their mental health and addiction struggles. With a focus on mental health treatment and addiction treatment, we strive to empower our clients to lead fulfilling lives.


We offer a range of programs tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, including IOP in Los Angeles and PHP in Los Angeles. Our services are designed to provide the highest level of care while allowing clients to maintain their daily lives outside of treatment.

Why Refer a Friend
to Solace?

Referring a friend to Solace Treatment Center means entrusting them to a facility where comprehensive care, an expert team, and tailored treatment plans converge to support each individual’s unique journey to recovery. At Solace, we embrace a holistic approach to address all facets of recovery—physical, emotional, and psychological. Our compassionate and experienced professionals specialize in mental health and addiction treatment, creating a safe and nurturing environment for healing. With personalized treatment plans, including options for IOP and PHP in Los Angeles, we ensure every aspect of care is precisely aligned with our clients’ recovery goals, making it an ideal place for your friend’s path to wellness.

Comprehensive Care

At Solace, we provide a holistic approach to treatment, addressing the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of recovery. Our comprehensive care model ensures that your friend will receive the support they need on every step of their journey.

Expert Team

Our team of professionals is comprised of compassionate and experienced therapists, counselors, and healthcare providers who specialize in mental health and addiction treatment. They are dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment for healing.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Understanding that each individual’s path to recovery is unique, we offer personalized treatment plans that are specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients. Whether it’s through our IOP in Los Angeles or PHP in Los Angeles, we ensure that every aspect of care is tailored to support their recovery goals.

Programs at
Solace Treatment Center

At Solace Treatment Center, we offer a comprehensive suite of programs designed to meet the varied needs of those seeking recovery from mental health conditions and addiction. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Los Angeles caters to clients seeking intensive treatment while balancing their daily commitments, offering structured support without the need for full-time care. For those requiring a higher level of support, our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) provides the benefits of a residential program with the flexibility of home nights. Specializing in a broad spectrum of mental health treatments and addiction recovery, Solace is dedicated to providing evidence-based therapies and the necessary tools for long-term healing and recovery.

(Intensive Outpatient Program)

Our IOP allows clients to receive intensive treatment while living at home and maintaining their work or school commitments. It’s ideal for individuals who need structured support without full-time care. This flexible program integrates seamlessly into daily life, enabling clients to apply coping strategies in real-world environments. Additionally, it fosters a sense of community among participants through group therapy sessions and activities.

(Partial Hospitalization Program)

The PHP offers a higher level of care than our IOP, providing clients with the structure and support of a residential program but with the flexibility to return home at night. This balance ensures that clients can remain connected with their support systems while benefiting from a comprehensive, immersive treatment experience during the day. PHP is particularly beneficial for those transitioning from inpatient treatment or those who require more intensive support than outpatient care can offer.

Mental Health

We specialize in treating a wide range of mental health conditions, offering evidence-based therapies and programs to support the healing process. Our holistic approach addresses not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of mental health challenges, ensuring a more sustainable recovery. From individual therapy to group sessions and holistic wellness activities, we provide a diverse array of treatment modalities to cater to the unique needs of each client.


Our addiction treatment programs are designed to help individuals overcome substance use disorders, providing them with the tools and support needed for long-term recovery. We emphasize a comprehensive approach that includes detoxification, therapy, and relapse prevention strategies, tailored to fit the specific circumstances and challenges of each client. Our supportive, empathetic environment encourages clients to build resilience and develop healthy coping mechanisms for a sober, fulfilling life.

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Professionals are standing by! Insurance could cover up to 100% of the cost of treatment.

The Referral

Referring a friend to Solace Treatment Center is a straightforward and supportive process. By simply contacting us, our admissions counselors will assist you every step of the way, from guiding you through the referral process to answering all your queries. After the referral, our dedicated team will engage with your friend, assessing their needs and outlining how Solace can aid in their recovery journey, ensuring they receive the compassionate care needed to embark on the path to healing.

How to Refer a Friend

Referring a friend to Solace is simple. Contact us directly to speak with one of our admissions counselors, who can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Our streamlined referral process is designed to make it easy for you to help your friend take the first step towards recovery.

What Happens After a Referral

Once a referral is made, our team will reach out to your friend to discuss their needs and how we can help. We’ll ensure they receive the compassionate care and support necessary to begin their journey to recovery. Our initial assessment is both thorough and empathetic, aiming to create a personalized treatment plan that best suits their needs.

Contact Information

Ready to refer a friend or need more information? Contact us today to learn how Solace can help. Our team is here to provide the support and guidance you need. We are committed to maintaining confidentiality and providing detailed information about our programs and services.

Schedule a Consultation

Take the first step towards helping your friend by scheduling a consultation with us. We’re ready to answer any questions and provide the information you need to make an informed decision. During the consultation, we’ll explore the specific needs of your friend and how our programs can meet those needs effectively.

Get The Help and Care
for Your Loved One Today

Referring a friend to Solace Treatment Center is more than just a gesture of support; it’s an opportunity to change their life. With our comprehensive care, expert team, and personalized treatment plans, we’re dedicated to helping individuals on their journey to recovery. Contact us today to learn how to make a difference in your friend’s life.

Located In
Southern California

Our facility is centered in the heart of the beautiful LA area. Aside from breathtaking beaches and perfect weather, this town offers an abundance of recovery with hundreds of social gatherings happening each and every day. Each with likeminded individuals seeking to better their new way of life.