Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Los Angeles, CA

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Our PHP Program Treats A Wide Range of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Disorders

Whether you or a loved one are struggling with mental health issues, addiction, and substance use disorder, our addiction treatment can help you find recovery.

Several approaches for treating mental health, substance abuse, and drug or alcohol addiction have been established to curb the increasing number of patients needing medical interventions. Partial hospitalization (PHP), also known as a PHP rehab, is an intensive intervention method specialists use to help patients suffering from addiction or mental health issues while staying at their usual residences.

Various factors, including the cost of hospitalization and limited inpatient facilities, have led to a surge in partial hospitalization programs nationwide. A PHP program attempts to meet the increasing demand for treating patients with drug and alcohol addiction, a mental health disorder, and those in need of dual diagnosis.

Solace Treatment Center, a PHP Los Angeles, is committed to helping you or your loved one find recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. Solace offers PHP treatment for those with a mental health disorder and an addiction to drugs or alcohol, utilizing tools like group therapy, family therapy, individual therapy sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and other treatment services.

Partial Hospitalization Program in Los Angeles CA

What are Partial Hospitalization
Programs (PHP)?

The typical inpatient facility is the conventional rehabilitation program for people struggling with mental health, substance abuse, and alcohol and drug addiction. Although this program has existed for decades, questions about its effectiveness have led to the emergence of PHP (partial hospitalization).

A PHP program enables clients to transition from a restricted inpatient treatment program or residential treatment program to a more autonomous environment while still receiving highly structured support. The flexibility of a PHP rehab allows clients to establish control over their addiction under a less restrictive approach. Clients receive treatment for roughly six to eight hours per day and often live at their residences or sober living at night.

A PHP treatment program is primarily structured for clients who have partial control over their addiction and mental health. Clients with a short history of alcohol and substance addiction also perform well under the program. We provide a suitable environment and intervention strategies for mental health treatment or addiction partial hospitalization in Los Angeles.

Components of
PHP Programs

Mental health and substance abuse treatment at the PHP level of care can vary based on the treatment center. A dual diagnosis center can provide services for substance abuse and mental health disorder.

PHP treatment involves various intervention components, such as:

The key difference between an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and a PHP program is the amount of time spent at the facility.  A PHP program requires more involvement in the facility than an intensive outpatient program. PHP treatment is typically more than 4 hours per day for five days a week, while IOP is typically less than 20 hours per week.

Benefits of
PHP Treatment

PHP allows treatment outside of an inpatient facility but with similar intensity. Inpatient treatment is a restrictive environment where the patient stays at the facility. PHPs allow for a residence elsewhere but intensive treatment services during the weekdays or day treatment.

Flexible scheduling allows for employment, school, and responsibilities to continue while participating in a PHP facility. Treatment during PHP allows access to specialists and experts to help find recovery. A combination of medical intervention during the day and support at night can increase the efficiency of a program.

Partial hospitalization programs can be a cost-effective treatment option and often insurance companies cover more sessions. As a result, PHP treatment provides affordable and accessible avenues to therapy for patients in need of quality treatment for longer.

Who is Best
Suited for PHP Treatment?

Anyone struggling with mental health, alcohol, and substance addiction is a good candidate for a PHP treatment program. This community involves people who need intensive outpatient treatment services but have partial control of their condition, hence not requiring a residential program. A PHP fits in between residential rehabilitation and a traditional outpatient facility.

Depending on the circumstance and diagnosis, specific treatments and social needs can be incorporated into a PHP program.

PHP treatment program works flexibly with patients who:

The nature of PHP treatment allows for involvement in other activities that help reinforce the treatment program. PHP gives patients more autonomy in managing their conditions.

People Best Suited for PHP in LA

Choosing the Right
PHP Center

Choosing an addiction partial hospitalization program in Los Angeles depends on multiple factors. The type of services provided and personal needs play an essential role in this decision.

Other important factors that families of people struggling with addiction and mental health consider include:

Get Help with
PHP in Los Angeles

If you’re seeking a comprehensive and flexible treatment option in the Los Angeles area, the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Solace Treatment Center represents a pivotal step toward recovery.

As an outpatient program, our PHP Los Angeles-based facility offers a robust alternative to inpatient programs, combining therapy, holistic methods, and medication management to craft individualized treatment plans. This approach ensures each patient receives the care that suits their unique needs. For those in Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas struggling with addiction or a mental health disorder, Solace Treatment Center is here to help.

Our experienced team is ready to address all your questions and provide detailed insights into our PHP services. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support and guidance. Contact Solace Treatment Center today and take the first step towards healing and recovery with our exceptional PHP program in Los Angeles.