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We Treat A Wide Range of
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Disorders

Whether you or a loved one are struggling with mental health issues or drug and alcohol abuse, we are equipped to be able to help find a way out. Take a look below and see the variety of problem causing issues we are able to work on. 

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Mental Health Disorders Treated


When someone is struggling with an anxiety disorder they are usually feeling a lot of worry, fear, or stress which can be sometimes debilitating to their day to day routine. This can interfere with work, friends, family, and other important aspects of life. We at Solace Treatment understand the seriousness of this condition and are ready to help you or your loved one find a way out of feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Suffering from major depression can have symptoms such as low mood or energy, loss of interest in daily activities, or feeling indifferent or negative about life in general. The cause of this disorder can be both biological or environmental and requires medical help more often than not. People who struggle with untreated depression can face unnecessary hardships in life which could be preventable with proper treatment. 



People who struggle with bipolar disorder often times find themselves in unexpected mood swings. These can range from feeling down and depressed all the way to a happy manic state. Bipolar disorder can stem from genetic as well as environmental factors. Life can become very difficult for those who struggle and without help it can become unmanageable. Treatment for this condition usually involves both psychotherapeutic as well as medication based therapy.

Schizophrenia is a condition which can leave the person struggling unable to think or behave in a clear manner. It is unknown what directly causes schizophrenia but genetics and environmental factors do play a roll. Although drugs and alcohol abuse cannot cause schizophrenia, they can often lead to altered brain chemistry which can increase the risk of those prone to it. This condition is usually treated with medication and therapy as well as specialty care. We are here to help.


Trauma Related

Trauma related disorders are typically linked to childhood events or significantly stressful experiences which cause the individual to act out in an unhealthy manner. Usually the events experienced are emotionally and physically painful or disturbing. Childhood neglect or traumatic family based events can leave long lasting effects on someone and cause them to maladjust to life. Sometimes these issues run so deep the person may not even be aware. We at Solace Treatment can help.

The symptoms of untreated obsessive compulsive disorder can range from mild to extreme. Usually characterized by repetitive behaviors and compulsions or obsessive thoughts. Individuals who are struggling can be interrupted by a constant state of fear which drives their urge to carry out compulsive behaviors. Fixation on objects and the order they feel the need to place them in are also symptoms of OCD. Treatment is available and Solace Treatment can help. Reach out today!

Obsessive Compulsive

Substance Abuse Disorders Treated


Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that causes an uncontrollable desire to drink alcohol in excess. This leads to both physical and emotional dependance on alcohol which can be disastrous on both the individual suffering and the lives of those around them. Therapy and mutual support groups are crucial elements of finding a way to recovery. We can help you or your loved one find that path.


Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant which can lead to psychosis, paranoia, delirium, irregular heartbeat, and even heart failure. Although it is used to treat ADHD, people who are prone to substance abuse disorder will often times find themselves trapped in an addicted state and unable to quit. If you or a loved one are struggling because of this, we at Solace Treatment can help find a way out.


Opioid Addiction

Whether it's a prescription drug used for pain or an illegal street drug like heroin, opioid addiction is a deadly condition that has become an epidemic in the United States. A huge factor in this is because when someone continues to use opioids, the effects become less over time as they build a tolerance, causing the initial pain to become worse. We can help you or your loved one find the right path to a happy and fulfilling life.


Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a stimulant which impacts the nervous system by producing large amounts of dopamine. This makes trying to quit especially hard because of the psychological effects it can produce. Dependency can lead to long term use which destroys brain cells, alters brain chemistry, and other permanent consequences. It is imperative to seek out professional help when trying to quit. We at Solace Treatment can offer a way out.


Benzodiazepine Addiction

Benzodiazepine is a sedative which can be best related to tranquilizers. More familiar names are Valium and Xanax. Being some of the most prescribed medications in the United States, they play a huge part in the addiction crisis. They are used to treat everything from anxiety, insomnia, to seizure prevention. Because of this they can become severely psychologically and physically addicting.

Prescription Pill

Prescription Pill Addiction

Although not the intent of the doctor prescribing it, prescription pills are some of the most commonly abused medications today. Because of their legal nature, people are easily able to access it given the right circumstances. Heavy usage and being cut off can lead to individuals turning to illegal street drugs which can give the same desired feeling.