Evening IOP Program In Los Angeles, CA

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Solace Treatment Center understands that each person’s recovery is unique. We provide comprehensive support and guidance at any stage of the recovery journey. Our evening Intensive Outpatient programs in Los Angeles are designed based on our clinical expertise, extensive research, and valuable input from our clients.

We offer a powerful combination of evidence-based treatment, a dedicated team of specialists, and convenient access to a virtual platform. This innovative approach ensures positive outcomes in a convenient and accessible manner.

What is Evening IOP?

The evening intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Los Angeles introduces a distinctive telehealth treatment approach designed for individuals with substance use disorders and mental health disorders. Benefits of the evening IOP effectively addresses anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and dual diagnosis cases.

This virtual treatment method is not widely accessible, making Solace Treatment Center a valuable and unique resource. The evening program combines evidence-based practices, informative resources, and interactive discussions to empower clients on their journey. Solace Treatment Center evening IOP program was developed with the aim of fostering a sense of connection among individuals facing mental health and substance use challenges.

Despite the virtual nature of the program, deliberate efforts are made to cultivate a supportive community where clients can prioritize their treatment and recovery. Through this approach, participants acquire healthy coping skills while actively working towards eliminating detrimental behavioral patterns that hinder progress. The evening IOP at Solace Treatment Center ensures that quality care is delivered regardless of the client’s location.

Who is Eligible For Evening IOP?

The evening IOP program welcomes a diverse range of individuals, including working professionals, students, and caregivers. It also extends its availability to residents of California who lack local access to treatment. Recognizing that there is no universal approach to treatment, the team at Solace Treatment Center is dedicated to creating personalized clinical treatment plans tailored to the unique needs of each incoming client.

The evening IOP program is particularly suitable for individuals who have not yet required a higher level of care, such as detox, residential inpatient treatment, or a partial hospitalization program (PHP).

By taking proactive steps and seeking assistance at an early stage, clients can potentially prevent the escalation of their situation, thereby reducing the necessity for a higher level of care. Acting now and seeking help can lead to more favorable outcomes and minimize the need for more intensive treatment options.

Benefits of Evening IOP Program?

There are various addiction treatment options available, each offering different levels of care. An evening Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides similar treatment as a daytime IOP, but with the advantage of accommodating individuals who have daytime commitments such as family, school, or work responsibilities.

Participating in the evening IOP enables clients to continue their recovery journey and build upon the progress achieved in previous levels of care or treatment programs.

Here are some key benefits of attending our evening IOP programs in Los Angeles:

Privacy: The stigma associated with seeking professional help often deters many individuals from pursuing addiction and mental health treatments. Our evening IOP offers a high level of care in the privacy of one’s own home. Our dedicated staff prioritizes client privacy, treating them with respect and discretion.

Flexibility: The evening IOP provides clients with the flexibility to maintain their work, family, school, and household responsibilities while focusing on their recovery. For instance, many Solace Treatment Center clients have young children who require supervision and care, while others have work commitments that cannot be put on hold indefinitely. Our program ensures the flexibility necessary to maintain a routine or schedule.

Cost: Outpatient programs are generally more cost-effective than residential treatment. Affordability is often a determining factor in selecting an IOP. Our evening IOP offers a comfortable option for individuals who are cost-conscious.

Community: Sharing experiences can be healing and alleviate feelings of isolation. Connecting with others who can relate allows individuals to realize they are not alone. Group sessions in the evening IOP program foster a supportive network, providing a valuable sounding board with diverse perspectives from individuals who share similar challenges on their recovery journey.

What Does The Evening IOP Program Look Like?

The evening IOP program follows a three-day intensive outpatient treatment model, with group therapy sessions held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5 PM to 8 PM.

During the intake process, a comprehensive initial assessment is conducted to determine the most suitable clinical recommendations for each individual. We incorporate our Solace Treatment Center model which integrates activities, support, and treatment.

The program consists of a thematic curriculum that places emphasis on evidence-based treatments, including:

Participation in group therapy sessions is a key component of the program. Additionally, a typical treatment plan includes weekly individual sessions with a clinician or substance use counselor. Clients are encouraged to engage in activities and therapeutic homework assignments designed to explore and address unhealthy beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

Through the program, individuals learn to identify triggers, develop healthy coping skills, and create a relapse prevention plan. An effective aftercare plan plays a crucial role in sustaining lifelong sobriety.

Group Therapy In IOP

Solace Treatment Center online group therapy sessions provide a secure and structured environment for small groups of clients to regularly convene, facilitated by a skilled clinician. Within these sessions, the clinician guides the group in self-discovery while fostering active group participation.

Many individuals find that engaging in a group setting feels more natural and comfortable compared to one-on-one counseling. It offers participants the invaluable opportunity to experience empathy from fellow group members and dispel the notion of being alone in their struggles.

Group members provide feedback that fosters compassion, offers constructive suggestions, brings forth insightful perspectives, and cultivates a sense of camaraderie. This collaborative environment plays a vital role in the healing process, facilitating mutual support and understanding among participants.

Individual Therapy In IOP

In addition to group therapy, every client enrolled in the program is assigned a dedicated primary therapist who conducts weekly one-on-one sessions. These individual sessions provide a confidential space for clients to delve into more personal issues and gain valuable insights into actionable steps to achieve their treatment goals.

The primary therapist also plays a crucial role in assisting clients in accessing any additional services they may require. This can include connecting clients with professionals such as psychiatrists, medical doctors, or other specialists based on their specific needs.

At Solace Treatment Center, we recognize the significance of a robust support system in the recovery and healing process. As part of the treatment approach, the client and their primary therapist collaborate to involve family members or other supportive individuals as deemed appropriate and beneficial. This involvement aims to enhance the client’s support network and foster an environment conducive to their overall well-being.

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We understand that not everyone has access to in-person treatment services. That’s why Solace Treatment Center offers the evening IOP, which brings high-quality care directly to the comfort and privacy of your home. Get in touch with us today to discover more about our evening IOP and other comprehensive treatment programs available in the Los Angeles region.