Medical Reviewer

Dr. Clifford Feldman

Dr. Feldman is a board-certified psychiatrist who has been practicing in the Los Angeles area for 25 years. Currently, Dr. Feldman is the medical director of three prestigious area hospitals, teaches third- and fourth-year medical students, internal medicine residents, and conducts clinical research trials.

Dr. Feldman is originally from New York, where he graduated from Cornell University. He then attended Syracuse Law School.  Dr. Feldman is a member of both the New York State Bar and the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States.  Dr. Feldman obtained a Masters’ of Forensic Science degree from The George Washington University and is holder of a United States Patent, which was featured in The New York Times.

Dr. Feldman graduated The Chicago Medical School with a Dean’s Award in 1990.  He then did his residency in psychiatry at NYU/Bellevue Medical Center, where he was the Chief Resident.

Dr. Feldman is an Adjunct Clinical Professor at USC/Keck School of Medicine.  He has developed a keen interest in performance enhancement and sports psychology.  He also has significant experience with dual-diagnosis patients and maternal wellness, having been featured on The Today Show regarding post-partum depression.  Dr. Feldman specializes in psychopharmacology and is an Associate Medical Director and Sub-Investigator at Pharmacology Research Institute.

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