Stressful Relationships: What are the Signs Your Relationship is Making You Anxious?

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Relationships can be stressful, even healthy relationships. Conflicts, resolutions, and struggles are all part of the bond of a relationship, whether romantic or platonic. But, the thing is, when a relationship is overly-stressful, it’s not good. If your relationship is making you upset regularly, maybe it’s time to reevaluate! 

What can make a relationship stressful? 

There are plenty of things. Stressors include financial issues, job loss, arguments, mental health issues, and death. Even if you’re going through a stressful time, it doesn’t always 100% mean your relationship is unhealthy. Unhealthy relationships often come with a string of “red flags.” Red flags include being overly critical, having a tough time resolving arguments, and overthinking. There are several warning signs for bad relationships, here are a few telltale signs: 

  • Overthinking – Healthy relationships include both partners being “themselves.” When something is unhealthy, you’re constantly overthinking and not being “you.” Unhealthy relationships leave people feeling as though they can’t communicate. Also, an increased level of anxiety happens during a bad relationship. 
  • Overcritical – If you’re overcritical of yourself, it may be a sign of an unhealthy relationship. This type of anxiety happens when your brain is trying to fight with itself. Being overcritical of oneself is never healthy. Self-doubt plagues the mind of someone who is in a toxic relationship. 
  • Trouble Resolving Arguments – When you have trouble resolving arguments it can spike your anxiety. Relationships shouldn’t be riddled with arguments, at least not healthy ones. 
  • Inability to Compromise – Compromising with one’s partner is a healthy piece of being in a relationship. If you’re headstrong about the things you’re passionate about, that’s normal, but it isn’t normal to NEVER admit you’re wrong. The same goes for your partner. If your partner won’t compromise, they’ll likely give you more stress and anxiety than they’re worth. 
  • Constant Worry – If you’re constantly worried about your relationship this could be a sign that it’s too stressful. When people are constantly worried they’re thinking about what their partner is doing, who they’re talking to, and how they’re going to react to a particular situation. Worry is normal in a relationship, just not too much. When worrying becomes constant and obsessive, that’s a sign the relationship is causing too much stress. 
  • Over Analyzing – If you’re always over analyzing your relationship, maybe it’s bringing you too much stress. Attachment anxiety can show up in several different ways. One way is to over analyze the things going on. In other words, looking too deeplyi nto things. Whatever the reason for developing this behavior, it’s a certain “red flag.” 
  • Putting in More Effort – When you put in more effort than your partner, it’s often a sign that things are going south. This can also lead to elevated feelings of anxiety. When you’re the one setting up plans, compromising, and making the effort, you might feel a constant sense of anxiety in the relationship. 

What’s the Impact of a Stressful Relationship? 

Stressful relationships are not good for your health. Did you know that your stressful relationship might be the cause of your anxiety and health issues? Gut health is closely related to a person’s ability to overcome stressors. That’s why it’s incredibly important for you to identify any “red flags” that occur in your relationship. Relationships can be stressful, but especially relationships that have lots of “red flags.” Let your partner know about the “red flags” you’re seeing. You need to protect your health, energy and mind at any cost. You not only need, but you DESERVE to be understood, seen, and heard. Look at stress in your life as something that needs to be reduced. Cutting out toxic relationships is great for healing.